Our olive groves

Our olive groves are dotted throughout the region of “La Loma”, in a privileged location. They are found in the Alto Guadalquivir area, in the centre of Jaén, which serves as an interfluvial plateau, sloping downwards as the result of the valleys of two rivers: the Guadalimar to the north, and the Guadalquivir to the south. Its Mediterranean climate, characterised by mild winters and long, warm and dry summers give it a distinctive spicy and bitter quality.

Our olive groves are made up of century-old two and three-stemmed olive trees, which have all been traditionally cultivated in a royal, or grid layout. These olive trees capture “the taste of tradition” like no other. We carefully select the olive trees from our La Orden and La Calzadilla orchards that produce the highest quality olives. In both these orchards, the olive groves are the same age. Their wide plantation area, which is never below 12 by 12 meters, allows the grove to take up the earth’s nutrients, gives it the space to absorb sunlight and provides it with good ventilation, allowing the sun to reach the interior of the olive tree crowns.

Our commitment to the highest quality implies a limited production, and each year we select the Extra Virgin Olive Oil meeting the organoleptic parameters authorised by the Family Council and our annual production never exceeds 33,500 bottles. Each bottle contains the spirit of a family devoted to the production of this cherished Extra Virgin Olive Oil since 1867.